MemberDana Simmons

I am a historian of science and technology. My research interests include hunger, nutrition, political economy, the human sciences, feminist theory and technopolitics. My book, Vital Minimum: Need, Science and Politics in Modern France, traces the history of the concept of the “vital minimum”–the living wage, a measure of physical and social needs. In the book I am concerned with intersections between technologies of measurement, such as calorimeters and social surveys, and technologies of wages and welfare, such as minimum wages, poor aid, and welfare programs. How we define and measure needs tells us about the social authority of nature and the physical nature of inequality. I am faculty co-organizer of the UCR Science Studies group, which is committed to building a community inclusive of indigenous, minority and marginalized knowledge makers in STS.

MemberDr Ramesh Singh Pal

Dr. Ramesh Singh Pal is an author and an agriculture scientist from Uttarakhand, India. He is the author of the books “Apana Swaroop” based on spirituality, Apana Swaroop: nobody is ever happy, somebody is never happy and Spiritual Wisdom: Guaranteed Prescription of Success & Happiness. His book titled “Spiritual Wisdom: Guaranteed Prescription of Success & Happiness” was released in 2020. He works as a scientist for ICAR-Vivekananda institute for Hill agriculture, Almora. He is also a speaker on Hindu philosophy and spirituality, a meditation enthusiast, and a trainer.

MemberElspeth Van Veeren

I am a Lecturer in Political Science in the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies (SPAIS) at the University of Bristol and a Resident at the Pervasive Media Studio at the Bristol Watershed. My published work has appeared in a range of edited volumes and peer-reviewed academic journals including New Political Science, International Political Sociology, Review of International Studies, and the Journal of War and Culture Studies.

MemberJana Russ

Books. Poetry. History. Asia. Medieval Europe. Coffee. Tea. Cheese. Friends. Technology. Children. Science Fiction. Pizza. Grandkids. Really Good Food. The Second Pot of Coffee. Creative Writing. Dark Chocolate. Teaching. Humanitarian Causes. China. Fine Wines. Social Networks. Steampunk. My Blackberry. Caffeine. Cats. Second Life. Did I mention coffee?