DepositCinemetrics, a Digital Laboratory for Film Studies.

This proposal requests an NEH Level II Start-Up grant support for the innovation of Cinemetrics (, an open-access, interactive website designed to supplement the traditional toolkit of film studies with a number of digital tools that enable researchers to collect, store, and process scholarly data about film editing. Any student of film interested in the way films are edited can use Cinemetrics tools to time a movie, submit the obtained time data, calculate and visualize data statistics, and comment on or make use of the data generated and collected by others. As it stands, Cinemetrics offers its users a client tool to measure a film, a database to store the measurements, graphs that help users to visualize the statistics, and a lab space that can be used to compare films. The NEH grant will enable the project team to innovate, augment, and enhance these tools. This will put Cinemetrics at the forefront of humanities cyberinfrastructure.

DepositMateriality and Montage: Film Studies, Digital Humanities and the Visualization of Moving Images

In this paper, I will highlight some recent initiatives in the study of film within the digital humanities, in which context I will also present some of my own endeavors, specifically visualizations created in collaboration with the pioneering new media theorist Lev Manovich from films made by the Soviet avant-garde director Dziga Vertov (1896-1954). Following this, I will discuss some of the issues related to the use of visualizations as an aid to scholarly research. Finally, I will address a number of possible research questions in film and media studies, answers to which may benefit significantly from the collaboration between film/media scholars and computer scientists on the one hand, and (moving image) archivists on the other.