MemberBrian Christopher Thompson

…ject explores several aspects of music in film, including the ways in which political or ideological agendas may be expressed through music. The project is closely connected with my work in teaching film music, and I have presented in academic conferences, public forums, as well as in several courses.

Nationalism and Music. This ongoing project developed out of my work on Calixa Lavallée. It …

I am a musicologist and librarian-archivist. I teach courses on music history, film music, and music pedagogy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Before joining CUHK, I was employed by Naxos International, the University of Hong Kong, McGill University, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Much of my work concerns music and migration, especially transatlantic migration in the nineteenth century. As a film music scholar, I am interested in how composers adapt the conventions of the past, and how subtexts can be created through diegetic music.

MemberHo Chak Law

Ho Chak LAW ( received his PhD from University of Michigan, with his dissertation Cinematizing Chinese Opera, Performing Chinese Identities, 1945-1971. His current research interests cover the music ecology of Sinosphere and the cultural analysis of film music.

MemberColin Roust

Colin Roust joined the University of Kansas musicology faculty in 2014, after prior experience at Roosevelt University and the Oberlin Conservatory. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, with specializations in twentieth-century music and film music, and his areas of research interest include the French composer Georges Auric, music history pedagogy, music and politics, and the intersection of music and the other arts in multimedia genres (song, film, opera, ballet, etc.).

MemberShauna Louise Caffrey

Shauna Louise Caffrey is a PhD student and Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholar at the department of Music, University College Cork. Her research focuses on the relationship between witchcraft, magic and music on the seventeenth-century stage. She was the recipient of the Mahaffy Memorial Prize from Trinity College Dublin in 2017 for her original research into the origins and appearance of witchcraft in Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, and later completed her MA in Music and Cultural History at UCC. She is founding member of experimental music group Analog On, and performs regularly as a dancer. Her other research interests include gender in popular music, film music, creative practice, and opera.

MemberJoao Silva

I am a musicologist researching the popular entertainment and music in the Portuguese Empire. I am especially interested in the ways a mass leisure culture was created and linked to the ideas of nation and cosmopolitanism. The way technologies such as recorded sound and film interacted with the urban auditory landscape under the sway of modernity is also an important part of my work, which studies how boundaries between the stage, the city’s streets and the home were crossed by an ever-changing musical repertoire. Theatrical songs, urban popular music, traditional music, film music and dance music were commodified in several media and became part of Lisbon’s everyday life, revealing a constant negotiation between local, regional, and transnational styles. Moreover, I study the role intermediality played in making popular entertainment ubiquitous.

MemberMelissa Ursula Dawn Goldsmith

…PhD, Musicology, Louisiana State University, College of Music and Dramatic Arts.
Dissertation: “Alban Berg’s Filmic Music: Intentions and Extensions of the Film Music Interlude in the Opera Lulu.”

CLIS (Certificate in Advanced Studies in Library and Information Science), LSU.

MALA, The Interdepartmental Program in Liberal Arts, LSU.
Thesis: “Criticism Lighting His Fire: Perspective…

Hello and welcome to my Humanities Commons page. I am a musicologist whose specializations include film music, American vernacular music, and Twentieth-/Twenty-First Century music aesthetics and criticism. My recent research has focused on Nino Rota’s use of Prez Prado’s “Patricia” in the Italian film La dolce vita, classic rock (incorporating listening, production history, music analysis, and taking an inclusive approach), Duke Ellington and Juan Tizol’s “Caravan,” the musicality of jazz poets such as Langston Hughes, Kenneth Rexroth, Lawrence Lipton, Kenneth Patchen, and William S. Burroughs, and global hip hop. I teach music courses to majors and non-majors; concurrently, I am a music producer, sound engineer, and composer/songwriter for my company, Dapper Kitty Music. In a previous life, I was a music and research librarian, who directed a center for music research, teaching, and education as well as a radio personality. A multi-instrumentalist, my musical background includes tap and jazz dance. The best way to contact me is at my permanent email address: Pronouns: She/her/hers.