MemberEdwin Culp

Edwin Culp. Associate Professor of the Department of Communication, Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. His fields of interest include film, theater, critical theory and cultural studies. He has published and lectured on film production, critical art, aesthetics and politics, Latin American film and theater and arts-based research. He currently works on a research project on the uses of landscape in representations of violence, forced disappearance and migration in Latin American film and theater. He has also worked in documentary films, theatre, as a curator and cultural management projects. Ph.D., History of Art, National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico). M.F.A., Art, Territory and Media Culture, University of Barcelona (Spain). Member of the National System of Researchers, Level 1 (Mexico). Regional Vice-Chair of CILECT Ibero-America (2014-2018), part of the International Association of Film and TV Schools.

MemberChristian Oertel

I am a medieval historian working preferably on the peripheries of medieval latin Europe (Scandinavia, Central Europe). I have written my PhD thesis on the cult and veneration of St Erik of Sweden following his way from a local saint around Uppsala in the late 12th century to the royal patron of the Swedish realm in the 15th. For my PostDoc project I turned to late medieval Bohemia and am currently working on the ruling praxis of Wenceslaus IV (“the Lazy”) during the last decade before his dethronement as king of the Holy Roman Empire.