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…Catherine Jaffe is currently co-editing, with Elizabeth Lewis and Mónica Bolufer, the Routledge Companion to the Hispanic Enlightenment. With Spanish historian Elisa Martín-Valdepeñas she is co-editing a collection of essays on the Junta de Damas. She participates in the research group “El humor y su sentido: discursos e imágenes de lo risible desde la Ilustración hasta hoy” (Universidad de Málaga, funded by Spain’s Ministerio de Economía, Industria, y Competitividad, Q2918001E)….
…Catherine Jaffe co-authored, with Elisa Martín-Valdepeñas, María Lorenza de los Ríos y Loyo, marquesa de Fuerte-Híjar: vida y obra de una escritora del siglo de las Luces (Iberoamericana Vervuert, 2019). Jaffe co-edited Eve’s Enlightenment: Women’s Experience in Spain and Spanish America, 1726-1839 (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2009), with Elizabeth Franklin Lewis. Recent journal articles include “Female Quixotism in the Transatlantic Enlightenment: Fernández de Lizardi’s La …

Catherine M. Jaffe is Professor of Spanish at Texas State University, where she  also teaches in the Honors College Interdisciplinary Humanities Program. She is on the MLA Forum 18th-19thC Spanish and Iberian LLC Executive Committee (2017-2022) and serves on the editorial boards of Dieciocho: Hispanic Enlightenment and Oxford University Studies in the Enlightnement. Catherine Jaffe’s research interests in modern Spanish and comparative literature focus on women writers and theories of gender and reading in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Spain. Her publications include studies of quixotism, gender and translation, and feminism in the Hispanic Enlightenment.

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Brazil Cultural, develops and leads academic, cultural and travel programs in Brazil for universities and institutions abroad in conjunction with Brazilian universities,
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Interdisciplinary literary and cultural studies, including in disciplines outside the humanities (e.g., the sciences, mathematics, law, etc.); Scottish literary and intellectual history, 1707-the present; British literature of the long eighteenth century; Romanticism; modernism; critical and literary theory; the Enlightenment and its intellectual legacy; history and morphology of literary forms; literary and intellectual history; crime fiction