MemberVincenza Iadevaia

 Vincenza Iadevaia received her PhD in Comparative Studies at Florida Atlantic University. Her dissertation centers on new Italian cinema. She has developed a critical analysis, Punctuated Identities, on the so-called immigrant Filmmakers in contemporary Italy.  She is currently developing a documentary project on the relation between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice. She has already produced a documentary on the life stories of the Deaf in Europe as part of the SIGN-HUB Project, funded by the European Commission, Horizon 2020. 

MemberHugh M. Richmond

I head the U.C.B. Shakespeare Program which develops audio-visual/digital materials for the teaching of Shakespeare such as the video documentaries “Shakespeare and the Globe” (distributed by Films for the Humanities),and “Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Restored” and “Shakespeare and the Spanish Connection” (both distributed by TMW Media). In addition to the above-cited web site, “Shakespeare’s Staging,” we have also developed Milton material, such as the documentary “Milton by Himself” (Films for the Humanities) and a website: