TopicJob: Digital Scholarship Editor at Brown University

Job Description The Digital Scholarship Editor is a grant-funded position through the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation ( and is designed to extend Brown’s capabilities as a central force in advancing new forms and methods of scholarly communication. The Digital Scholarship Editor plays an important role in bringing together key technological, organizational, and academic resources across […]

MemberJohn Randolph

John Randolph is a specialist in the intellectual and cultural history of the Russian Empire.  His interests include the histories of literature, communication, and transportation.  Currently, John is a faculty sponsor of the University of Illinois’s SourceLab initiative, a digital publishing program that sits at the intersection of DH, documentary editing, and classroom education.

MemberMark Konecny

Dr. Mark Konecny is the Scholarly Communications and Digital Publishing Strategist at the University of Cincinnati. He has been involved in the development of digital media in teaching Humanities for the past 15 years with many disciplines across the curriculum compiling digital curriculum and materials for distance learning in the Humanities: Art History, International Relations, Political Science, Literature, Theater, and Communications, and he has created digital platforms and content for dissemination of rare materials from archive and rare book repositories as well as promotion of digital scholarship in the Humanities. He manages and administers a special collection and research institute that deals with digital content: writing grants, fundraising, supervision, budgeting and procurement and works with issues of digital technology and its application in academic projects and implement technology in the classroom and the interface between the library and academic departments.
He is an editor of the journal Experiment, a scholarly art history journal. In addition to duties as a curator and art historian specializing in Modern Art and the Avant-Garde, he oversaw the transition of the journal from a university published journal to one published and distributed by a major European firm, Brill Publishers, soliciting manuscripts, editing prose, proofreading, revising, and placing illustrations. He has experience negotiating copyright and image right issues. He has worked on several multiyear projects involving faculty and museum professionals from many disciplines from many international universities.

DepositEncouraging Digital Scholarly Publishing in the Humanities

With Level 1 funding, the University Press of North Georgia will explore the peer review process for publishing born-digital book length scholarly monographs in the humanities in order to encourage their support, acceptance, and use in academia. The expected result will be an increase in the creation and dissemination of scholarly research in the humanities, thus positively assisting scholars and university administrators involved in the tenure process, as well as editors, librarians, and graduate students. Our project will leverage the expertise available at small university presses and build their capacity to encourage more scholarly publishing in the humanities. We will utilize a current working group of university presses focused on electronic publishing, the Consortium of Open Access Textbooks, and partner specifically with the University Press of Florida, Wayne State University Press, and the University Press of Akron to complete this project.