MemberNadezhda Povroznik

…DH2020 Digital History of Post-Soviet Virtual Museums…

 The web history of society and social institutions. New course for Master Program, supported by Vladimir Potanin Foundation (2020-2021);
Digital History of Virtual Museums, supported by the Center for Contemporary and Digital History at the University of Luxembourg (May – November 2019);
Virtual Multimodal Museum (VIMM), funded under the EU Horizon 2020 programme (CULT-COOP-8-2016). Expert in the section TA1 (profile), participate in the working group 1.1 “What is a Virtual Museum”, discuss the problems of virtual museums’ phenomenon and typology as well;

Associate Professor at Perm State University, Russia, with 15 years of experience in the Digital Humanities field, with a focus on Digital History, Digital Heritage and Virtual Museology.

MemberJennifer Hart

Jennifer Hart is an Associate Professor at Wayne State University, where she teaches courses in African History, World History, Digital Humanities, Digital History, History Communication, and the History of Technology.  Her research explores the intersection of histories of labor, technology, and urban space in Accra, Ghana.  She is the North American President of the International Society for the Scholarship on Teaching and Learning and History.

MemberJustine Walden

Current scholarly interests: Early modern slavery and antislavery networks; subaltern groups, social inequality, and power differentials in early modern Europe Other abiding interests: Precolonial Africa, Captivity and Slavery, Maritime History, Missionary Orders, Florence, Mediterranean, Transatlantic, and Transnational History. Book, Printing, and Manuscript History; Digital History, Mapping, and Text Mining; Renaissance Italy.

MemberR.C. Miessler

R.C. Miessler is the Systems Librarian at Gettysburg College, coordinates Digital Humanities activities and initiatives on campus, and is co-project lead of The First World War Letters of H.J.C Peirs: A Digital History ( He is interested in the intersection of DH and video games, digital project preservation workflows for DH projects, and the development of communities of practice with undergraduates.

MemberOlivia Richmond

I’m in my fourth year in History at Carleton. I moved to Ottawa three years ago from Kitchener, ON. This year, I am developing digital history skills by working with my classmates on digitizing Late Medieval folio pages and learning the mystic arts involved in digital codicology. My usual interests include medieval women, medieval Christianity and monasticism , disability studies, and sexuality and gender. This year I am working on an Honours research project, which will be a year long endeavour into late medieval convents, considering what images they were exposed to and how the cloister impacted the lives of the nuns living there.

MemberIngo Frank

I am a digital humanist and data librarian with an academic background in philosophy, information and computer science. My research interests are applied ontology, knowledge organization, and diagrammatic reasoning for digital history considered as historical information science. Currently I am working with semantic web and linked data technologies in order to build document and research data repositories to support interdisciplinary research on historical and social phenomena.

MemberJoão Gilberto N. Saraiva

PhD in History at Universidade Federal Fluminense (2019), Master degree (2015) in History at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), also Web Developer (2020 – UFRN). Research interests: Politics, Media, Web, Foreign Relations, Digital History and Education. History teacher at the municipal school system in Parnamirim (RN, Brazil) and writer. Website, CV, blog, papers

MemberAnne Ladyem McDivitt

Anne Ladyem McDivitt is the Digital Humanities Librarian for the University of Alabama Libraries. She supports faculty and graduate students in creating digital projects at the University, as well as facilitates digital pedagogy in the form of tools and workshops. Her research is on the history of the video game industry in the 1970s and 1980s, with a particular interest in issues and effects of gender. She received her PhD in History with a minor in Digital History from George Mason University and her MA in History with a minor in Public History from the University of Central Florida. In her free time, she plays video games and co-hosts a podcast about video games, anime, and manga. You can follow her on Twitter @anneladyem or on her blog at

MemberMarko Demantowsky

Marko Demantowsky, PhD (*1970), is full professor for modern history and history education at at the School of Education FHNW (Departement for Social Sciences Education) and a member of the Institute for Educational Sciences at the University of Basel. Previously assistant professor for history education at the University of Bochum (07-12) and interim professor at Jena University (07-08) and Siegen University (06/07). Research assistant at the universities of Leipzig, Dortmund, Münster 1998-2007. In July 2020 appointment to a chair for Public History at the University of Vienna, accepted in May 2021. His main research interests focus on the digital transformation particularly in Public History, the (digital) cultural anthropology of public history, and the theory and history of historical education. He has created and developed, and now co-manages some multilingual infrastructures in the field of digital history. Selected List of Publications and Presentations