MemberLaura A. Shackelford

My research examines and exploits the comparative perspective post-World War II literary texts, in print or digital media, provide on digital cultures. I study literary encounters with digital cultures in a variety of media – print fiction, electronic literatures, digital games, graphic novels, and film. I’m particularly interested in how such experimental, cross-media literary and artistic practices, in experimenting with narrative and digital textualities and poetics, register and creatively and critically reflect on contemporary digital cultures, information and systems sciences, and computation-based technologies in the U.S. My research draws on feminist science studies and systems’ theoretical methods.

MemberJosé Nicolás Jaramillo Liévano

I’m a historian and podcaster from Bogotá, Colombia. I was at the DH2018 at Mexico City and won one of ADHO bursaries for the poster Digital Lorenzetti. Since then, with my colleague Elvis Rojas we made a podcast called Random Access History where we talk about History and its relation to Technology, Videogames, Pop Culture and Digital Culture. We’re interested in participating in this online version of DH2020 with the purpose of reviwing some conferences for our podcast. Also, I’m with the Colombia Network of Digital Humanities (Red Colombiana de Humanidades Digitales) where I’m the bursar.

MemberRevekka Kefalea

Apart from my studies in social and political sciences, I am also certified in cultural management and I have attended various seminars on the creative reuses of digital cultural heritage. By participating in a few research projects, I familiarised myself with using open accessed digital archives and repositories – and gradually, apart from their scientific and educational value, I discovered the creative possibilities offered by the rights to reuse, modify and remix their content. Since then, I take initiatives and actively participate in various events aiming at the engagement of the general public with the extension, enlargement and creative reuses of the digital commons.