MemberAlison Joseph

…Projects in Preparations:

Damning Dinah: The Priestly Battle against Intermarriage 

Practical Prototypes: Models in the Deuteronomistic History…
… Bible Odyssey, December 2018.

“Who Is the Victim in the Dinah Story?”, November 2017.

“The Handmaid’s Tale as a Legitimate Reading of Genesis?” The Shiloh Project: Rape Culture, Religion, and the Bible, July 2017.

“Should we do Feminist Historiography?” Feminist Studies in Religion (Peer reviewed), February 2017.

“Portrait of the Kings,” Interview with Matthew Lynch, On Scripture Podcast, August 2016.

“The Deuteronomistic History and Israel’s Kings,” The Bible and Interpretation, June 2016.


Alison Joseph is an adjunct assistant professor of Bible and its Interpretation at The Jewish Theological Seminary and Senior Editor of The Posen Library. She is a recipient of the 2016 Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise, for her first book Portrait of the Kings: The Davidic Prototype in Deuteronomistic Poetics. She has previously taught at Swarthmore College, Towson University, Villanova University, Haverford College,  and Ursinus College.