MemberRichard J. Callahan, Jr.

Material histories of religion, emphasizing the work of people in and on the world, stemming from American history and culture through the networks of resource extraction to oceanic spaces and the dark of coal mines. Comparative studies of religion and globalization embedded in those networks, influencing and influenced by the relentless frames of capitalism and “civilization.”

MemberVinay Dharwadker

Modern British literature; Anglophone literatures, Indian and South Asian literatures in English; World literature; literatures in Indian and South Asian languages (Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Urdu); colonial and postcolonial literatures; modern theory, classical studies, comparative studies; poetry and poetics, fiction and narrative theory, novel and short story; planetary modernism and modernist studies; cosmopolitanism, migration and diaspora, postcolonial realism; literary translation and translation studies

MemberErika Graham-Goering

I study the aristocracy of late medieval France, focusing on political and social ideologies in relation to practice. My research focuses primarily on administrative and legal records, but explores these through a variety of approaches, including close textual readings, quantitative analysis, and linguistic studies. From September 2016, I have been looking at lordship in the provinces of Normandy and Languedoc in the fourteenth century as part of a comparative study across France, the Low Countries, and England.