MemberTeresa Marie Hooper

I teach and study the entire Medieval and Early Renaissance periods, but I specialize in Early Medieval Literature with a focus in Early Medieval England, medieval manuscripts, and a little Late Antiquity for good measure. My areas of interest for teaching and research purposes include (but often wander outside of): Early English codicology; Old English language and literature; memory studies; LA/medieval cultural geography, cosmography, and travel narratives; LA, medieval, and Early Modern ethnography and exploration; early Latin saint’s lives; Latin texts in English translation; monsters and teratology; Chaucerian dream poems; Renaissance poetry; and Ancient to modern drama. My current research interests include the textual and codicological history of the Beowulf-Manuscript (London, BL Cotton Vitellius A.xv, part 2), the earliest Latin St. Christopher legend, and the OE and Latin versions of Orosius’ History against the Pagans. 

MemberEmerson Storm Fillman Richards

 am an advocate for old books and libraries, promoting the Humanities through Special Collections and Archives.  My research has focused for over a decade on medieval literature and culture. I am interested in recovering individuals lives from the material past, using methodology from literary studies and Book History (codicology, paleography, bibliography). I have been working on an illustrated, thirteenth-century Anglo-Norman Apocalypse manuscript, proposing a hypothetical audience and the manuscript would have been read by its culture.

MemberAriana Nicole Malthaner

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, and went on to complete my M.Phil at Trinity College Dublin, where I am currently undertaking my PhD. The focus of my research is synchronic language variation in Old Irish, focusing specifically on the Old Irish glosses of Milan, St. Gall and Würzburg with a view to potentially identifying diatopic variation within the Old Irish corpus. My research interests extend far beyond linguistics and into mythology, paleography, codicology, and folk healing and medicine, to name a few

MemberTristan B Taylor

I am a SSHRC funded PhD candidate and Teacher-Scholar Doctoral Fellow at the University of Saskatchewan. I completed my M.A in Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Kent where I fell in love with codicology and Thomas Becket. I currently work on the South English Legendary, a thirteenth-century collection of vernacular saints’ lives. 

MemberOlivia Richmond

I’m in my fourth year in History at Carleton. I moved to Ottawa three years ago from Kitchener, ON. This year, I am developing digital history skills by working with my classmates on digitizing Late Medieval folio pages and learning the mystic arts involved in digital codicology. My usual interests include medieval women, medieval Christianity and monasticism , disability studies, and sexuality and gender. This year I am working on an Honours research project, which will be a year long endeavour into late medieval convents, considering what images they were exposed to and how the cloister impacted the lives of the nuns living there.

MemberAnna Dorofeeva

I’m Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow at the Friedrich Meineke Institute, Free University of Berlin. My research interests span the cultural and intellectual history of the early and high Middle Ages, with a particular focus on book history. My most recent research output has focused on the Physiologus, the codicology of miscellany manuscripts and medieval cryptography. I’m currently working on the interaction between Caroline and Visigothic minuscule scripts in early medieval Catalonia, cataloguing the palaeographical changes that are evidence of cultural exchange and migration of written practices. If you want to get in touch, drop me an email: dorofeeva [at] zedat.fu-berlin [dot] de.