MemberTimothy Richard Wütrich

…Sr Instr Classics…

Greek and Roman Drama and Theater; Aeschylus; Euripides and the Trojan War; Vergil; The Classical Tradition in Literature and the Arts; German Classicism (Goethe, Schiller, Kleist); Philosophy and Literature

MemberEllie Mackin Roberts

PhD (2015) in Classics at King’s College London
MA (2011) in Classics at Monash University. Awarded with High Distinction
BA(Hons) (2008) in Classics at Monash University. Awarded with First Class Honours

…ract) Hades (Gods and Heroes of the Ancient World) (single-authored monograph); Routledge
Pedagogy       Mackin, E, K. Cook, and R. Fallas. (2017) ‘Classics and Feminist Pedagogy: Practical Tips for Teaching’, Council of University Classics Departments Bulletin 46
Mackin, E, K. Cook, and R. Fallas. (20…

I am a Research Associate at the Institute of Classical Studies. My research focuses on the mediation between civic and personal religion in archaic and classical Greece

MemberJessica Wolfe

…Professor Of English & Comparative Literature, Classics, And Romance Studies…
…st and the Epic Tradition,” pp. 41-51 of Approaches to Teaching Milton’s Paradise Lost, ed. Peter C. Herman. Modern Language Association.

2012    “Classics,” pp. 517-35 of The Oxford Handbook to Shakespeare, ed. Arthur Kinney. Oxford University Press.

2010   “Nature and Technê in Spenser’s Faer…

Professor of Renaissance literature, with specialization in comparative Renaissance lit, history of classical scholarship and the reception of classical literature and philosophy, the history of science, encyclopedism, and glow-worms.

MemberCarol Merriam

…PhD in Classics, The Ohio State University

MA in Classics, Queen’s University

BA (Hons) in Classics, Queen’s University…

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada Professor of Classics