DepositLet’s Look to the Stars Together: Collaboratively Developing Constellations of Communities of Practice for Caribbean Studies Digital Scholarship

Abstract and slides for presentation for the Caribbean Digital III at Columbia University: Collaborating and community-building in the digital age, UF is a founding partner (2004) and the technical host of the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), a collaborative, international digital library. dLOC has grown into the largest open access collection of Caribbean materials with over 2 million pages of content, over 40 institutional partners, and over 1 million views each month. Now, dLOC is emphasizing additional activities with digital scholarship and the Digital Humanities (DH). To understand the needs of partner institutions and Caribbean Studies in collaboration with libraries and the full GLAMs (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums), dLOC is again traveling to meet with collaborators to gather and share information and support the community of practice for Caribbean libraries and digital scholarship. New opportunities and possibilities abound, especially following the launch of sx: archipelagos. More work is even more critically needed to connect as constellations of communities of practice to realize these possibilities together. Related to alternative sabbatical research:

MemberAntonio Sotomayor

…Assistant Professor, Historian, & Librarian of Latin American and Caribbean Studies…

2012 – Ph.D., History, University of Chicago.
2006 – M.A., Latin American and Caribbean Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
2004 – M.S., Counseling, Indiana University-Bloomington.
2000 – B.A., Psychology, Universidad de Puerto Rico en Mayagüez.

… Sotomayor, Antonio, “Operation Sport: “Puerto Rico’s Recreational and Political Consolidation in an Age of Progress.” Journal of Sport History 42, 1 (Spring 2015): 59-86.
Sotomayor, Antonio, “Un parque para cada pueblo: Julio Enrique Monagas and the Politics of Sport and Recreation in Puerto Rico during the 1940s.” Caribbean Studies 42, 2 (July-December 2014): 3-40.
Sotomayor, Antonio, ““Patron Saint Festivities, Politics, and Culture: Celebrating the Colonial Nation in San Germán, Puerto Rico, 1950s.” CENTRO Journal, 20, 2 (2008): 100-125.

Book Chapters

Sotomayor, Antonio. “The Nationalist Movement and the Struggle for…

I am an Assistant Professor, Historian, and Librarian of Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I also hold faculty appointments in the Departments of Spanish and Portuguese, and Recreation, Sport, and Tourism, and I am an affiliated faculty at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Illinois. My research revolves around issues of idenity/cultural politics, nationalism, international relations, religion, hegemony, and U.S.-Latin American relations through the window of sport. My book, The Sovereign Colony: Olympic Sport, National Identity, and International Politics in Puerto Rico, studies the role that the Olympic movement played in Puerto Rican construction of national identity, in the development of an autonomist political culture, and in Puerto Rican agency in international politics. It was the recipient of the 2017 José Toribio Medina Award, from the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM), the premier international association for Latin American librarians. My work appears in journals such as Journal of Sport HistoryCaribbean Studies, The Latin Americanist, The Americas, and The International Journal of the History of Sport. Currently, I am working on two larger projects: an anthology with César R. Torres entitled The Olympic Movement in the Making of Latin America and the Caribbean, and a monograph on religion, imperialism, and sport through the YMCA in Puerto Rico and Cuba (1898-1950s). As a librarian, I direct the Latin American and Caribbean Studies collection at the University of Illinois. With close to one million volumes and numerous specialized databases, the collection is considered among the best in the nation. I oversee all aspects related to Latin America and the Caribbean at the University Library including collection development, reference, instruction, serial management, and offer specialized research consultations. My main interests at the library include in depth research consultations, collection development, and liaison work with the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies and the Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies. I am currently working on developing a special collection on Latin American sport, including a unique Digital Library of Latin American and Caribbean Sport (DLLACS), and on the Conde de Montemar Letters, a portal that provides open access to a set of some 300 unique letters belonging to the family of the Count of Montemar between Lima and Madrid during the years of 1761 and 1799.

MemberMaria Quintero

…Quintero Aguiló, María del Carmen, et al., eds. Caribbean Without Borders: Beyond the Can[n]on’s Range. Cambridge Scholars Press, 2015.

Quintero Aguiló, María del Carmen. Rev. of Bougainvillea Ringplay, by Marion Bethel. Caribbean Studies Journal 42.1 (2014): 291-296.

Quintero, María del Carmen. “Two Birds of a Feather Ebb and Flow Together: Kamau Brathwaite’s Tidalectics in Derek Walcott’s Omeros.” Creolization and Commonalities: Transgressing Neocolonial Boundaries in the Languages, Literatures and Cultures of the Caribbean and the Rest of the African Diaspora. Eds. Nicholas Faraclas, et al. Curaçao: Fundashon pa Plan…

Maria Quintero is a professor of English at the University of Puerto Rico where she teaches literature and writing. Her specialization is in the languages, literatures and cultures of the English-speaking Caribbean with a focus on poetry and the environment. She is the main editor of the book, Caribbean Without Borders: Beyond the Can[n]on’s Range, published by Cambridge Scholars Press, and the winner of the 2018 College English Association’s Karen Lentz Madison Award for Scholarship. Her articles and essays have appeared in numerous journals and books on the field of Caribbean Studies. She is currently working on a special topics course on the beach in Caribbean Literature.

MemberChrister Petley

I am a historian with interests in Atlantic history, British imperial history, and Caribbean studies. My work has focused on the histories and legacies of slavery in the Americas, mainly on slave societies in the British Caribbean. My particular area of expertise is the history of colonial settlers and slaveholders, and I have published work on the social and cultural history of the Jamaican planter class. My new book, Slavery and Revolution: Simon Taylor’s Jamaica and the Transformation of the British Empire, is due to be published by Oxford University Press in 2018.