MemberOtto Vervaart

…echt. Uit de geschiedenis van het Utrechtse Jacobsgasthuis en de beide Jacobsbroederschappen (Utrecht 2002).

‘Argumentation in practice : Nicolaus Everardi (1462-1532) on canon law and custom in the Low Countries’, in: Proceedings of the Tenth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, Syracuse, New York, 13-18 August 1996, K. Pennington, …

I am a medievalist and legal historian living in Utrecht, The Netherlands. From 2016 until December 2019 I worked at Het Utrechts Archief. In 2020 I worked as a project archivist at Utrecht University Library, Special Collections. After my M.Litt. in History at Utrecht University (1988) I wrote my Ph.D. thesis at Erasmus University Rotterdam on late medieval and Early Modern legal argumentation (1994). I worked at several libraries and archival institutions, among them the Stephan-Kuttner-Institute for Medieval Canon Law, the Erfgoedcentrum Nederlands Kloosterleven, the Brothers CMM (Fraters van Tilburg) and Het Utrechts Archief, and also from 2000 to 2007 as an IT employee with a number of commercial firms.

MemberPeter-Alexander Kerkhof

I am a research fellow at Leiden University and Ghent University. My current research deals with the study of personal names and settlement names in Dutch and Belgian Brabant as a window on Brabantine medieval history. My expertise lies in on the crossroads between Germanic philology, Romance philology and medieval settlement history. Notable discoveries in my career have been

  • (2018) a Romance etymology for Dutch polder
  • (2018) a Celtic etymology for Dutch straf
  • (2014) reading the word auzandils on the Gothic Bologna fragment

From 2014-2016 and from 2018-20, I was a lecturer at Leiden University , teaching academic courses on Historical Linguistics, Old High German, Old Dutch, Old Saxon, Gothic, Paleolinguistics and Morphology. I have worked from 2016-2018 at the EVALISA project at Ghent University  where I focussed on the Proto-Indo-European origin of Old Germanic and Old Romance verbs that show non-canonical subject marking. In 2018, I received a PhD from Leiden University for my research on language contact between Merovingian Gallo-Romance and Merovingian Frankish. I have a keen interest in medieval vernacular languages and the historical experiences of the medieval commoner. By training, I am a linguist and a medievalist. In recent years, I have expanded my skills to include settlement history and agricultural history. I hope to improve my digital cartography skills in the future. I have written numerous popularizing articles about Dutch etymology, the history of the Dutch language and its links to the history of French. In the past years, I have also set up a national conference for Old Germanic Studies (Junius Symposium) together with my colleague Thijs Porck and I have given multiple newspaper and radio interviews on the prehistory of Dutch. I am also involved with several heritage projects highlighting the dimension of language when disclosing historical narratives.

MemberMichael G. Azar

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director in the Department of Theology/Religious Studies at the University of Scranton. My current research focuses on ancient and modern Eastern Christian-Jewish relations, especially in the Holy Land. My other scholarly pursuits include the New Testament, especially the Gospel according to John, Paul’s Letters, and the Book of Revelation, the theology and literature of early Christianity, Orthodox Christian history and theology, Christianity in Arabic-speaking lands, and the effects that contemporary sociopolitical policies have on scholarly understandings of the ancient world.