MemberMark Cheetham

…ist Theory and the Advent of Abstract Painting. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Cambridge New Art History and Criticism series, ed. Norman Bryson), 1991. Paperback editions: 1994, 2009.
Remembering Postmodernism: Trends in Recent Canadian Art. Oxford and Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1991. (Afterword by Linda Hutcheon). * Remembering Postmodernism: Trends in Canadian Art, 1970–1990. Second, revised ed. OUP, 2012.


Edited Books

Editing the Im…

My research centres on the imbrications of artwriting and art making in the modern and contemporary periods. I have written books and articles on abstract art, the reception of Immanuel Kant’s thinking in the visual arts and the discipline of art history, on art historical methodology, and on recent Canadian and international art. The historiography and methodology of art history and the field of Visual Culture Studies is an ongoing research interest, as is contemporary art in Canada and abroad, from both curatorial and academic perspectives. Much of my current work is on ecoart and GeoAesthetics. I am the recipient of a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, a Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute Fellowship, a University of Toronto Connaught Research Fellowship and Chancellor Jackman Research Fellowship in the Humanities, several Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada research grants, the Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching (University of Western Ontario, 1998), and the Northrop Frye Award for teaching (University of Toronto, 2006). In 2006, I received the Art Journal Award from the College Art Association of America for “Matting the Monochrome: Malevich, Klein, & Now,” and in 2008, the Curatorial Writing Award from the Ontario Association of Art Galleries, for “The Transformative Abstraction of Robert Houle,” in Robert Houle: Troubling Abstraction. Exh. Cat. McMaster University Art Gallery, Robert McLaughlin Gallery (Oshawa), 2007. My co-curated exhibition Jack Chambers: The Light From the Darkness / Silver Paintings and Film Work was awarded “Exhibition of the Year” (a juried prize) by the Ontario Assoc. of Art Galleries, 2011. I was the principal investigator on a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant titled CACHET (Canadian Art Commons for History of Art Education and Training), 2013-17. is our (now archived) website.

MemberJacqueline Taucar

Jacqueline is a recent Ph.D. graduate from the University of Toronto, Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies.  Her dissertation entitled “Acting Out(side) the Multicultural Script in Ethno-cultural Festivals” documents and analyses performances at three of Toronto’s popular ethnocultural festivals, which include the Toronto International Festival Caravan, Toronto Caribbean Carnival, and Krinos Taste of the Danforth. In addition, she produces carnival costumes with TruDynasty Carnival Inc. and Saldenah Carnival mas camps.

MemberLauren Acton

Lauren Acton is faculty and program coordinator for the Performing Arts Fundamentals program and faculty for the Music Industry Arts and Performance program at Centennial College in Toronto, Canada. She is a musicologist, cultural theorist, and performer who received her PhD in musicology at York University, Toronto. Her academic research and teaching interests embrace a range of topics: musicology, popular music studies, theater studies, acting, performance studies, cultural theory, and aesthetic philosophy. Her research publications have addressed violence in Canadian musicals, analyzed the stage and screen versions of Show Boat, explored the repertoire of musicals written for children in school and community settings, and examined the intersection between tourism and musicals at the Stratford Festival of Canada.

MemberDeborah C. Bowen

I spent the first half of my life in the U.K. and the second half in Canada. My undergraduate degree is from Oxford, and my doctoral degree from the University of Ottawa. Since 1996 I’ve taught at Redeemer University College, a small liberal arts college in S.W. Ontario. My two books consider interactions between postmodern literature and Christian faith, partly because these seem so unlikely. I regularly review Canadian poetry, and love walking and classical music, sometimes together.

MemberJaleen Grove

…ted with the management of the conference. In 2016-2017 I am editing Vol. 4 of the Journal. Canadian Graphic Arts Research Centre and Archive ProjectIn a 2015 article titled “Drawing Out Illustration History” (Revue d’art Canadienne/Canadian Art Review) I proposed that a research centre for the preservation and study of Canadian design, illustration and comics be established. I have since been speaking to artists and designers, other historians, and collectors to ascer…
…Satire in Canada, From the Colonial Period to the Onset of the Cold War, edited by Dominic Hardy, Annie Gérin, Lora Senechal Carney (McGill-Queens University Press, forthcoming).“Too Posterish? How Arthur Heming Got Lost in the Woods of Canadian Art.” In Arthur Heming, Chronicler of the North, edited by Cassandra Getty (London ON: Museum London, 2012): 40-47.    Articles“The Illustrator as Public Intellectual,” introduction to the Journal of Illustration Vol. 4 I…

My research area is the history of illustration, with a focus on Canada and the United States, 1840-present. Naturally this expands into visual culture, art history, history of the book, and periodical studies. I am also interested in Early Modern print, and I my background before academia was in fine art and graphic design practice.

MemberAnn Gillian Chu

I grew up in Hong Kong as a Canadian and graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Master of Arts (Honours) in English Language. In an unexpected turn of events, I became a FCCA (Fellow of Chartered Certified Accountant). Life led me to Vancouver, B.C., where I graduated from Regent College with a Master of Divinity. I am now completing my Doctor of Philosophy (Divinity) at the University of St. Andrews, under the supervision of Dr John Perry and Professor Mario Aguilar in the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics.

MemberPrisca Langlais

Prisca’s artistic practice includes drawing, painting, video, photography, and sculpture. With her work she is interested in seeing beauty in a motif; out of the ordinary or disorderly. She organizes the motifs to reveal order and balance, which she understands to be beautiful. Her work has recently been shown at Schomburg gallery in Bergamot Station, Santa Monica and the Pomona Museum of Art. Her works are included in the private collection of the AHA Development Group Inc., in Newport Beach, CA. Prisca earned her bachelor’s degree in studio art from Trinity Western University and her master’s degree in Fine Arts with a specialization in drawing and painting from California State University, Fullerton. In 2013, she won the Alliance Art Tribute grant to study the art of the Renaissance under Professor Domenic Cretara in Florence, Italy. Cretara’s teachings has profoundly impacted her work. Prisca Langlais is a Canadian artist, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.