MemberScott Mitchell

Buddhism in America: Global Religion, Local Contexts, Bloomsbury Academic, 2016.
Buddhism Beyond Borders: New Perspectives on Buddhism in the United States, co-edited with Natalie E.F. Quli, SUNY Press, 2015.
“The Ritual Use of Music in US Jōdo Shinshū Buddhist Communities,” Contemporary Buddhism, 201…

Scott Mitchell is the Dean of Students and Faculty Affairs and holds the Yoshitaka Tamai Professorial Chair at the Institute of Buddhist Studies, Berkeley, CA, and co-host of the DharmaRealm podcast. He teaches and writes about Buddhism in the West, Buddhist modernism, Pure Land Buddhism, and Buddhism and media.

MemberErik Hammerstrom

…Monograph2015  The Science of Chinese Buddhism: Early Twentieth-Century Engagements. Columbia University Press, Sheng Yen Series in Chinese Buddhist Studies.Peer-reviewed Journal Articles2016  “Avataṃsaka 華嚴 Transnationalism in Modern Sinitic Buddhism.” Journal of Global Buddhism, vol. 17: 65-84 <http://…

I teach about religion in China and East Asia, with a focus on Buddhism. In my research I specialize in the intellectual and institutional history of Chinese Buddhism during the modern period. I have studied Buddhist responses to elements of modernity, such as the discourses surrounding both religion and modern science; and I am currently writing a “biography” of Huáyán 華嚴 school of Chinese Buddhism in the early twentieth century. As an extension of my work on Chinese Buddhism, I helped establish the Database of Modern Chinese Buddhism.

MemberMatthew McMullen

Currently, I am a post-doc research fellow at the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture in Nagoya, Japan, where I assist with editing for the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies. I also serve as a network editor for H-Buddhism and an associate editor for the Digital Dictionary of Buddhism. I completed a PhD in Buddhist Studies at UC Berkeley in 2016 and have spent time at Columbia University, Waseda University, University of Virginia, Taisho University, and the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. My research primarily focuses on Japanese esoteric Buddhism, but my interests extend to Buddhist thought and practice in general.

MemberGregory Scott

… H-Net Social Sciences and Humanities Network, January – December 2017
Member, American Academy of Religion
Co-chair, Holmes Welch and the Study of Buddhism in Twentieth-Century China Seminar of the AAR
Member, Society for the Study of Chinese Religions
Associate Fellow, Centre for the Study of Religi…
…Columbia University
Doctor of Philosophy, Chinese Buddhism, Department of Religion, May 2013
Ph.D. Dissertation: “Conversion by the Book: Buddhist Print Culture in Early Republican China”

Academia Sinica 中央研究院
Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Modern History, September 2010 – June 2…
…m of special issue: Studies in Chinese Religions 3.3 (Sept. 2017).

Co-author with Erik Hammerstrom, “Revisiting the Revival: Holmes Welch and the Study of Buddhism in Twentieth-Century China,” Studies in Chinese Religions 3.3 (Sept. 2017): 197-203.

“Buddhist Building and the Buddhist Revival in the Work of …

I am a historian whose work focuses on religion in modern China, especially Buddhism.

MemberMartino Dibeltulo Concu

Martino Dibeltulo Concu is a historian of Buddhism who holds a Ph.D. in Tibetan and Buddhist Studies from the University of Michigan. His area of expertise is the history and historiography of Chinese and Tibetan Buddhist relations. His current projects include a study of the modern incorporation of China into the global flow of European ideas about the Buddha and a monograph on how the study of Buddhist Tantra has influenced Enlightenment legacies and global thought during the modern age.