MemberPierre Mounier

…Pierre Mounier et Hugues Jallon, Les Enragés de la République (The radicals of Republic), La Découverte, Paris, 1999, 125 p.
Pierre Mounier, Pierre Bourdieu, une introduction (An introduction to Pierre Bourdieu), Pocket, Paris, 2001, 282 p.
Pierre Mounier, Les Maîtres du réseau, les enjeux politiques d’In…

Pierre Mounier is deputy director of OpenEdition, a comprehensive infrastructure based in France for open access publication and communication in the humanities and social sciences. OpenEdition offers several platforms for journals, scientific announcements, academic blogs, and, finally, books, in different languages and from different countries. Pierre teaches digital humanities at the EHESS in Paris. He has published several books about the social and political impact of ICT (Les Maîtres du Réseau, les enjeux politiques d’Internet 2001), digital publishing (L’Edition électronique, with Marin Dacos, 2010) and digital humanities (Read/Write Book 2, Une introduction aux humanités numériques, 2012). As deputy director of OpenEdition, Pierre Mounier’s work mainly revolves around the development of an internationalisation strategy for the infrastructure, in particular by establishing partnerships with platforms and institutions in Europe and elsewhere . To further this objective, he regularly participates in international conferences and seminars to present OpenEdition’s programmes and discuss subjects relating to digital humanities and open access. Pierre Mounier co-pilots the “Open Access” group within the French infrastructure BSN and is the coordinator of OPËRAS, a project for the development of a distributed open access publication infrastructure at European level.

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…re State of Real Estate”.

2014 “Gülen sect: Reached for the state, got capital instead”, Perspectives, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, April 2014

2014 “Bourdieu, Wacquant ve Gezi Parkı’nın ‘küçük burjuvaları’” (Bourdieu, Wacquant and the ‘petty bourgeoisie’ of Gezi Park” an interview wit…

Graduated from Ankara University, Journalism Dept. Received a Masters’ degree in history, from Bogazici University.  Completed her Ph.D. thesis entitled “the Loss of Modesty: The Adventure of Muslim Family from Neighborhood to Gated Community” at the European University of Viadrina, in 2014 (supported by Global Prayers Project initiated by MetroZones). Worked for Helsinki Citizens Assembly’s project entitled “Citizens Network for Peace, Reconciliation and Human Security” in Western Balkans and Turkey. She served as a visiting scholar at the Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Philipps Universiy, Marburg, in 2016. She is recently a postdoc fellow in Käte Hamburger Kolleg/Center for Global Cooperation Research, in Duisburg.

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…eneurship and Economic Agency in Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child.” Power Relations in Black Lives: Reading African American Literature and Culture with Bourdieu and Elias. Christa Buschendorf, ed. Bielefeld: Transcript, 2018. 145-165.

“Exceeding Determinacy in the Language of Personhood: Citizens United, C…

I have just finished my manuscript The Corporation in the American Imagination, 1819-1905, and I am now looking into the modes of representation in which stories of male and female entrepreneurs are told in the US.