MemberZachary B. Smith, Ph.D.

I study religion in late antiquity, with a current focus on Christianity in its ascetic expressions. Secondarily, I work on “asceticism” writ large across traditions and on ways to define “asceticism.” I teach as a religious historian in the Department of Theology at Creighton University, and am also the Associate Editor of the Journal of Religion & Society published by the Rabbi Kripke Center for Religion and Society.

MemberChandrima Chakraborty

…Chandrima Chakraborty, Masculinity, Asceticism, Hinduism: Past and Present Imaginings of India (Permanent Black, 2011).

Chandrima Chakraborty, ed, Mapping South Asian Masculinities: Men and Political Crises (Routledge, 2015).

Chandrima Chakraborty, Amber Dean and Angela Failler, eds. Remembering Air India: The Art of Public Mourning (University of Alberta Press, 2017)…

South Asia; South Asian diaspora; History and Public Memory; Nationalism and  Masculinity; 1985 Air India bombings; Bollywood

MemberEllen Muehlberger

…buted to John Chrysostom.” Eirene: Studia Graeca et Latina 52 (2016): 407-19.

“Simeon and Other Women in Theodoret’s Religious History: Gender in the Representation of Late Ancient Christian Asceticism.” Journal of Early Christian Studies 23.4 (2015): 583-606.

“The Legend of Arius’s Death: Imagination, Space, and Filth in Late Ancient Historiography.”  Past & Present: A Jo…

MemberAndrew Jacobs

…and Caroline T. Schroeder (University of California Press, 2016), pp. 207-21.

“Sordid Bodies: Christ’s Circumcision and Sacrifice in Origen’s Fourteenth Homily on Luke.” In Asceticism and Exegesis in Early Christianity, ed. Hans-Ulrich Weidemann, Novum Testamentum et Antiquus. Gottingen: Vandenhoecht & Ruprecht, 2013, pp. 219-34.

“Adversus Iudaeos” and…

Senior Fellow | Center for the Study of World Religions | Harvard Divinity School

MemberVeronika Wieser

…A Community under the Shadow of the Endtime. Apocalyptic Discourse in Late Antique Historiography and Asceticism (forthcoming, De Gruyter 2022)

Publikationen (
·         ‘Introduction: Approaches to Medieval Cultures of Eschatology’, in Cultures of Eschatology, vol. 1: Authority and Empire in Medieval Christian, Islamic and Buddhist Communities, ed. Veronika…

I am Postdoc researcher at the Institute for Medieval Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences and lecturer at the University of Vienna. I am a cultural historian of Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary, comparative research. – I was coordinator and project member of the SFB  “Visions of Community. Comparative Approaches to Ethnicity, Region and Empire in Christianity, Islam and Buddhism (400-1600 CE)” from 2011 to 2019, and I am editorial board member of the journal “Medieval Worlds: Comparative and Interdisciplinary Studies”. My research focuses on apocalyptic thought and topics of eschatology, on historiography and ascetic communities in the Late Roman Empire and the early medieval period, with particular interest on issues of religious and ethnic identity, notions of death and salvation, and medical history. I have co-edited two interdisciplinary volumes on apocalypticism and eschatology (Cultures of Eschatology, 2020; Abendländische Apokalyptik. Zur Genealogie der Endzeit, 2013) and I am currently working on a book on eschatology in Late Antiquity.

MemberReuven Kiperwasser

…e Ruzer, forthcoming in 2019)
2. “Cleansing the Sacred Space: The Holy Land and Its Inhabitants in the Pilgrimage Narrative of Barsauma”, The Wandering Holly Men: The Life of Barsauma, Christian Asceticism and Religious Conflict in Late Antique Palestine, Johannes Hahn and Volker Menze (eds.), Transformation of the Classical Heritage series, University of California Press, (with Serge Ruzer, …

MemberHugo Lundhaug

– Professor of Biblical Reception and Early Christian Literature. – Scientific Director of the Interdisciplinary Research School Authoritative Texts and Their Reception (ATTR) [2017-2020] – Principal Investigator of ERC-project Storyworlds in Transition: Coptic Apocrypha in Changing Contexts in the Byzantine and Early Islamic Periods (APOCRYPHA) [2020-2025] – Principal Investigator of ERC-project New Contexts for Old Texts: Unorthodox Texts and Monastic Manuscript Culture in Fourth- and Fifth-Century Egypt (NEWCONT) [2012-2016]