MemberJoanna Gardner-Huggett

Joanna Gardner-Huggett is an Associate Professor and Chair of History of Art and Architecture where she teaches courses on twentieth-century art and feminist theory. Gardner-Huggett’s research focuses on the intersection between feminism and arts activism and has been published in the journals British Art Journal, Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies, Historical Geography, and Woman’s Art Journal. Her most recent scholarship explores the history of the painter Julia Thecla (1896-1973), the Guerrilla Girls, the Feminist Art Workers, and the origins of the women artists’ cooperatives Artemisia Gallery in Chicago (1973-2003) and ARC (1973-present). 

MemberMartin Alejandro Biaggini

He is a Senior Technician in Film Direction (ESC), Professor in History (ISSJ), Bachelor in the Teaching of Combined Arts (UNLA), Specialist in Education, Languages ​​and Media (UNSaM) and Master in Education and Media (UNSaM). It is part of the audiovisual collective TV Matanza Cultural Coop. Ltda. and Matanza Arde, in which he performs as a filmmaker. As a teacher, in addition to numerous courses and seminars in state and private entities, he served as a professor at the National University of La Matanza, the University of Belgrano and is currently a professor at the National Arturo Jauretche University and the National University of Lanús. He coordinates the Aesthetics Area in the Culture Studies Program (UNAJ), is the coordinator of the International Art, Culture and Politics Conference (UNAJ), which is held annually since 2015 and forms part of the editorial committee of the E-verba journal (UNAJ-BCC).