MemberOscar Krüger

Krüger, O. (2019). Hartmut Rosa and Christoph Henning (eds.), The Good Life Beyond Growth: New Perspectives. Environmental Values, 28(2), 261-262. [Book review]
Krüger, O. (2018). Tim Ingold, The life of lines. Critique of Anthropology, 38(1), 115–117. [Book review]
Krüger, O. (2017) Two Sides of the Same Globe, Capitalism Nature Socialism, 28(2), 132-134. [Book review].
Krüger, O., Domazet, M., Dolenec, D. (2016). Rejecting the Post-Pol…

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MemberStefania Irene Sini

…. The origin of the idea of form among Russian formalists, its main diversifications – mechanism, organism and system, as suggested by Peter Steiner. On the plural genesis of the idea of structure, coming from phenomenology, linguistics, anthropology. How these concepts have been translated into literary practice. On the end of the primacy of structuralism and the rise of new paradigms developed since the second half of the 20th century, the new theoretical frameworks based…

Literary criticism, literary theory, philosophy of literature, Rhetorics, anthropology of literature, styilistics. Mikhail Bakhtin, Russian Formalists, Giambattista Vico