DepositArt in the ancient Greek world

This course explores the art, archaeology, and culture of the Greek world from the prehistory to the Roman period. The course focuses on architecture, sculpture, painted pottery, and wall painting as its main object classes and situates artistic and stylistic developments within their social, political, and historical context. We will consider issues of style, regional developments, technique and craftsmanship, trade and economy, and art forms in various contexts. Although focused on art and archaeology, the course will also address key cultural topics including the household, funerary culture, gender, ritual, and economy. Among key sites to be studied are Knossos, Mycenae, Athens, Corinth, Vergina, Delphi, Poseidonia/Paestum, Cyrene, and Olympia.

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Excellent idea, Caitlin. Thanks for getting it started. I work in ancient Greek literature and myth primarily, although I’m interested in the way that Greek texts and narratives interact with those from other cultures. At the moment I’m working on the connections between ancient Greek and Indian creation narratives, including the monstrous creator deities of […]