MemberCourtney Berger

I’ve been at Duke University Press since 2003, and I acquire books across the humanities and social sciences. My key areas of acquisition include: social and political theory, transnational American studies, Native American and indigenous studies, gender and sexuality studies, African American studies, Asian American studies, critical ethnic studies, environmental humanities, science and technology studies, media studies, literary studies, and geography.

MemberJens Bonk-Wiltfang

DGfA/GAAS (German Association for American Studies)

Master of Arts “English and American Studies” at Osnabrück University in Osnabrück, Germany
MA thesis: “Modes of Serialization in the Video Game Series Halo”
Bachelor of Arts “Mathematics/English” at Osnabrück University in Osnabrück, Germany…

Teacher and researcher in American Studies at Osnabrück University.