Membertheo ploeg

Neo-accelerationist (nX) and speculative design aficionado. I tell stories of possible futures and live together with cat Adorno. Love coffee and good music.   I strongly believe we can shape the future. With my own studio hyperspace, I explore alternative futures of an accelerating world. As lead and ambassador speculative design at Speculative Futures Amsterdam, I translate my findings into useful ways of challenging the current status quo.   At Fontys School of Journalism, I explore alternative futures of journalism.   I share my love of pop and media culture as co-founder of FRNKFRT, and I blog about pop culture at STASIS.

MemberBarbara J. Eckstein

Sustainability; ecocriticism; global circulations–human and not–especially through the Upper and Lower Mississippi River Basin. Among the circulations that especially interest me are people (e.g. different kinds of laborers), cultures, mosquitoes, diseases, and modes of human interaction alternative to capitalism. Among the writers and thinkers that most engage me now are William Wells Brown, Eddy Harris, and Joseph Nicollet. I am also interested in other rivers–the Narmada, Zambezi, Limpopo, Murray-Darling, Hawkesbury–struggles over technologies to control them, water rites, the ecosystems they support, their use as boundaries, and their appearance in literature.

MemberJavier M. Berzal de Dios

I am a professor of art history at Western Washington University, where I teach courses on early modern art history, historiography, and aesthetics. My research studies viewership and reception in early modern culture and contemporary theory through an interdisciplinary lens. My recent writing and professional activities are especially attentive to alternative temporalities, discursive sincerity, and mental health inclusivity.

MemberSamantha Elizabeth Bassler

I am a musicologist specializing in cultural studies of early modern English music, music and disability studies, and the historiography of early music. I am currently pursuing an alternative academic career as an adjunct professor in New York City, a freelance editor and professional indexer, and I own and operate and teach private and small group music lessons at Stellar Music Space in Brooklyn, NYC. I am also a certified yoga teacher specialising in modifications and routines for chronic pain and disabilities.

MemberBen Carver

Ben Carver teaches academic writing at the European University Institute in Florence. He writes about speculative fiction, and his recent book (Palgrave) on alternate history in nineteenth-century thought and writing has been described by Fredric Jameson as a “stimulating history of plural virtualities that demonstrates how poetic our prosaic 19th century was in fact, and how productively it confronted its own unrealized possibilities.” He is now co-editing a volume on Literary Form and Conspiracy Culture and working on various related projects.

MemberReuben Martens

Reuben Martens is currently a KU Leuven Fellow of the B.A.E.F. at the Department of English at UCLA (2019-2020), a PhD Fellow of the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO), member of the English Literature research group at the Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven and member of the Centre for Cinema and Media Studies at Ghent University (as part of a joint PhD agreement). Currently, Reuben is working on his personal PhD-project, “Beyond Petroleum: Reimagining Energy in Contemporary Film and Literature” (2017-2021), which aims to study the cultural representation of alternative energy futures in contemporary Anglophone & European cinema and literature. Exploring the values, narratives, and aesthetics that underscore these alternative futures, this project wants to offer ​valuable insight into newly developing ideas on energy in times of critical climate change and energy insecurity.