MemberBotond Csuka

I am writing my dissertation on eighteenth-century British aesthetics under the working title of “The Teleology of the Aesthetic in the British Enlightenment” in the Doctoral Programme in Aesthetics at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. I am Lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Physical Education in Budapest since January 2017, teaching courses in aesthetics and moral philosophy.

MemberRachel Greenwald Smith

… BookAffect and American Literature in the Age of Neoliberalism. Cambridge University Press, 2015.Selected Articles“Six Propositions on Compromise Aesthetics,” The Account, Fall 2014. “Postmodernism and the Affective Turn,” Twentieth-Century Literature 57:3 & 57:4 (2011): 423-446.“Materialism, Ecology, Aesthetics,” Mediations 25:2 (2011): 61-78.“Organic Shrapnel: Affect…

Contemporary American Literature, Critical Theory, Aesthetics

MemberAndrea Wald

I am a graduate student at the department of Germanic Studies. I studied German, English, and Theater, Film, and Media Studies in Vienna and Cambridge. I am currently writing a dissertation on the Austrian writer Hugo von Hofmannsthal and the “Aesthetics of Surface” in literature, philosophy, and psychoanalysis ca. 1900.My interests include: early 20th century German and Austrian literature; Baroque literature and aesthetics; the reception of the Baroque in 20th century scholarship; the intersection of aesthetic and political theory, psychoanalysis.


… Literature and Culture 43.2 (2015), 431-444.
“Servants and the Victorian Sensation Novel.” SEL: Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900 54.4 (Autumn 2014), 835-851.
“Music and New Woman Aesthetics in Mona Caird’s The Daughters of Danaus.” Victorian Review 40.1 (Spring 2014), 135-154.

My work focuses on aesthetics, race, and psychology in 19th-century Britain.