MemberCamara Holloway

I am an art historian specializing in early 20th century American art with particular focus on the history of photography, race and representation, and transatlantic modernist networks. I am recognized for my expertise on African American Art, particularly African American Photography, and as a seasoned consultant for exhibitions, museum collections, and symposia/lectures planning. I am the founding Co-Director of the Association for Critical Race Art History (ACRAH):


I recently completed my Ph.D. in the Department of History at Carnegie Mellon University, specializing in 20th century U.S. urban history. My interests range from ethnic and race relations to Jewish studies to the history of how the public health and social welfare infrastructure of American cities was built over the past 100 years. Currently I am revising my dissertation into a book manuscript and serving as co-editor of The Metropole, the blog of the Urban History Association.