MemberAnnie Rehill

Areas of special interest: Francophone Canadian literature, Francophone Antillean literature, French literature, ecocriticism, humanities, history, intersections between cultures and languages, creative writing. PhD, Modern French Studies. Coureurs de bois and voyageurs, 17th–19th century Canadian backwoodsmen known for their independence of spirit and connections with Amerindians and the wilderness. Canadian Métis culture.

MemberKirsten Kane

My research interests center on the literary intersection of religious teachings, dissent, alterity, and social power dynamics in Reformational France, with a focus on morality and supremacist thought in transatlantic literature of the sixteenth century. This religious focus overlaps with an interest in comparative study of the sublime across the 16th and 19th centuries. A tertiary area of concentration is on postcolonial identity narratives in Quebecois and Francophone Caribbean literature.

MemberDany Jacob

My main interests are 19th Century « fin-de-siècle » French literature and its relations to the Arts and other literature (German, English, Italian, etc). I am also interested in the Obscene and the Grotesque, Myths, Mythologies, and the evolution of Fairy Tales like the Gebrüder Grimm (Brothers Grimm) to Disney’s productions.

MemberMatthew Brauer

Matthew Brauer is a PhD candidate in French/Francophone Studies at Northwestern University  and a member of the Middle East and North African Studies program. He studies Maghrebi literatures in comparative contexts, especially the Mediterranean and the francophone Caribbean across the 19th and 20th centuries. His research tracks the changing ways that literature relates (or is made to relate) to politics, especially through the transformations of literature and literary theory in circulation and translation and the interactions of literary and non-literary discourses (especially in archaeology and anthropology). His dissertation investigates the relation between literature and territory in Arabic- and French-language novels from the Maghreb. Other research interests include the periodical press, travel writing, and colonial literature in the 19th century Mediterranean.